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  • 6 super recipes for varicose veins on a woman's legs, causes of varicose veins in women, how to treat varicose veins with folk remedies at home, nutrition for varicose veins, gymnastics for varicose veins, when to see a doctor, varicose vein prevention, evaluations.
    19 March 2021
  • What is varicose veins and its prevention.
    13 June 2020
  • If treated varicose veins in the legs? The reasons for the development of the disease. Clinical manifestations of varicose veins. Diagnosis and complications of varicose veins. The main methods of treatment of varicose veins. Foundation for the prevention of varicose veins.
    7 May 2020
  • What are varicose veins? When should I contact the doctor with varicose veins? In the article 15 ways to treat varicose veins at home
    2 April 2020